Linux in the Workplace

Linux in the Workplace

Linux in the Workplace introduces Linux users to the desktop capabilities of Linux and the K Desktop Environment (KDE) graphical user interface. Includes information on how to use email and surf the Internet; perform general office-related tasks; work with the command line; and much more.


In general, this book does not assume any computer experience on your part. We explain what Linux and KDE are (Chapter 1, “Learning about the Pieces”), and we even tell you how to use your mouse (with Linux there are
three buttons). Of course the more experience you have, the more quickly you’ll learn, because working with the KDE interface is very much like using other popular, windows- based interfaces–but with many important differences.
Although there are many commercial programs available for Linux, they are not the focus of this book. Instead, we focus on programs that are available for free and commonly included in most Linux distributions.

We don’t cover every application that comes with KDE, focusing instead on those you are most likely to need in a typical office, or even home, environment. Once you become comfortable with the material, it should be easy for you to learn about any specific commercial or free programs you may wish to use.

Table of Contents

  • Learning about the Pieces
  • Logging In and Moving Around
  • Managing Files
  • Getting Organized
  • The OpenOffice Suite
  • Alternative Office Software
  • Working with Graphics
  • More on Graphics: The GIMP
  • Communication: Working with Email, Usenet News, and Faxes
  • Accessing the Web
  • Customizing Your Desktop
  • Making Job Backups
  • Using the Command Line

Book Details

Author(s): SSC and Publishers of Linux Journal
Format(s): PDF, HTML
Number of pages: 360
Link: Read online.

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