Linux For Newbies

This book might be really useful, especially if combined with Installing Linux. There’s much information on the Internet about Linux, but it’s hard to find a complete, well written, easy to understand guide for people who are new to the whole Linux (free software, open source, etc.) phenomenon and are curious about (trying) it.


We are here to welcome you to Linux. GNU/Linux is an operating system that is similar to the UNIX operating system, but is open source software. Being an open source program means that (if you wanted to) you could view the source code of the operating system and change it to suit your needs. Of course since this book is geared to those new to GNU/Linux, we will try to stay away from very technical issues that might be more suited to a power user or someone very familiar with GNU/Linux. This book is going to try to be geared toward the person who has heard about GNU/Linux and might be considering trying it out or perhaps the person who has already “taken the plunge” and is looking for more information or wondering where to start now that they have Linux installed. But first, a little history lesson and some background information.

Table of Contents

  • Getting started
  • Installing Linux
  • Using Linux
  • Managing Linux
  • Programming on Linux
  • Applications of Linux

Book Details

Author(s): Various authors.
Format(s): PDF, HTML
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Number of pages: 76
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