Linux Compute Clusters

“Cluster” is an ambiguous term in computer industry. Depending on the vendor and specific contexts, a cluster may refer to wide a variety of environments.


In general a cluster refers to a set of computer systems connected together. For the purposes of this book a cluster is set of computers which are connected to each other, and are physically located close to each other, in order to solve problems more efficiently. These types of clusters are also referred to as High Performance Computing (HPC) clusters, or simply Compute clusters.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Clusters
  • Cluster Node Design (Outline only)
  • Cluster Interconnects
  • Storage for a Linux Compute Cluster (Outline only)
  • Physical Considerations (Outline only)
  • Software Environment (Outline only)
  • Cluster Resource and Performance Management
  • Cluster Administration (Outline only)
  • Clusters in a Production HPC Environment (Case Study)
  • Project from the Ground Up (Case Study)
  • Commercial Application
  • Commercial Application (Case Study)

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