Limited time offer(Expired): How to Make Android Apps – A Non-Code Guide to Creating Your First Android App

Limited time offer: How to Make Android Apps - A Non-Code Guide to Creating Your First Android App

“How to Make Android Apps – A Non-Code Guide to Creating Your First Android App” by Brandon Nolte is free on Kindle for a limited time period. By following the seven-week program presented in this ebook, anybody has the potential to begin earning passive income on the side. This book will let you get in the game to take advantage of this new frontier.


Do you want to create apps but don’t have any programming skills? Do you have a unique idea for an app but aren’t sure how to get started? Do you have limited time and money?

No Programming Experience Necessary

The app industry may seem complex, but anybody can create an app regardless of technical skills. The key to creating a successful app lies mainly in the execution. With this book you’ll learn the specific strategies and proven tactics to take advantage of this opportunity.

And you won’t need to learn a single line of code.

The Secret Is Simple

Leverage Someone Else’s Time And Skills By Outsourcing Work To Experienced Programmers

Outsourcing has a bad reputation of being synonymous with low quality work—but a lot has changed since businesses started outsourcing their customer support teams to other countries.

Today, outsourcing is a great way to hire talented workers on a small budget—so you can confidently leave the programming to a certified, affordable freelancer.

Proven Tactics for Success

“How to Make Android Apps: A Non-Code Guide to Creating Your First Android App” is a practical, step-by-step blueprint developed by Brandon Nolte—the founder of, which has been featured in Digital Marketing Monthly and is responsible for the successful app “Phone Tracks”. This course enables non-programmers to take advantage of the ever-growing market for Android apps.

By following the simple seven-week process outlined in this book, you can begin accruing passive income and build your own app business online.

Thousands of Developers Are Waiting

There are tons of expert programmers jumping for the opportunity to focus their time and skills to create an app for you. And, while programming agencies can charge a lot for their services, there are several easy ways to avoid these costs without sacrificing programming quality.

This book takes a close look into the exact steps to take when hiring a programmer and how to ensure that everyone you employ is doing the highest quality work possible.

Book Details

Author(s): Brandon Nolte
Format(s): Kindle
File size: 975 KB
Number of pages: 134

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