Learning the vi editor

This book aims to teach you how to use the vi editor, common to many Unix and Unix-like operating systems. vi is a powerful editor that is ubiquitous amongst Unix and Unix-like operating systems, but is available on many other operating systems, even on MS-DOS, Windows and the Macintosh.


If not the original vi, there is usually at least a good clone available that runs on your system. Even if you use another editor you must have a passing knowledge of vi as an administrator. Sometimes vi is the only editor available when your computer crashes leaving a minimal system for you to repair.

Table of Contents

  • Getting acquainted
  • Basic tasks
  • Making your work easier
  • Advanced tasks
  • Details
  • Vi clones
  • Vim
  • Basic navigation
  • Modes
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Useful things for programmers to know
  • Enhancing Vim
  • External Scripts
  • Vim on Windows
  • VimL Script language
  • vile
  • BusyBox vi
  • vi Reference

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