Learning About UNIX-GNU/Linux

UNIX-Gnu/Linux is an extremely powerful computing environment. These notes concentrate on using the tools provided by the environment as a user. They do not discuss using the environment as a desktop substitute for Windoze or Macintosh. They also do not discuss issues of installation or system administration, except for some brief materials in the fifth module.


Each Module in the series corresponds to a two-hour discussion. The first 4 modules are fairly generic treatments of UNIX/Linux for a typical user with some computing background in Windoze, Mac, or other non UNIX/Linux environment. Module 1 begins with some material aimed at relative computing novices, and further Modules become increasingly sophisticated. In Module 5 we “lift the hood” to discuss some internals and system administration.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started
  • Working Effectively
  • Working Even More Effectively
  • Internals and System Administration

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