Knowing Knoppix

Knowing Knoppix

Knowing Knoppix is a beginner-friendly book designed to help with these situations: You can’t start Windows! Disaster?, You are curious about Linux, and you want to discover what all the fuss is about and You want a useful guide to help you get started.


This book is designed to help you run Linux for the very first time. Knoppix is perfect for newcomers. Linux isn’t going away any time soon. That is why learning it is an investment in your time that will pay off for years to come. This book is meant for people who are at least reasonably familiar with computers. For example, I assume you know your way around your computer’s mouse, keyboard, CD drive, and so on.

Table of Contents

  • Introducing Knoppix
  • Knoppix for the first time
  • The K Desktop Environment
  • Knoppix essentials
  • Identifying hardware
  • Reading the hard disk
  • CD reading and writing
  • Using an external USB drive
  • Using a floppy or zip disk
  • Networking
  • Internet
  • Peripheral devices
  • Sound
  • Multimedia
  • Other applications
  • Recovering from freezes
  • Getting help
  • Finding permanence
  • Advanced startup options

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