Karel J. Robot

Karel J. Robot

Karel J. Robot: A Gentle Introduction to the Art of Object-Oriented Programming in Java is available online free of charge. For the experienced student programmer, this edition should provide insights into the problem-solving and program design processes that will make the student an even better programmer.


It will also improve understanding of computer science concepts such as polymorphism, loop invariants and recursion. For individuals who want to begin a thorough sequence of training and education in programming, computer science, or both, Karel J. Robot provides a solid foundation on which to begin your work.

For novice programmers, this book will give some insight into the programming process from two distinctly different points of view: the planner’s and the implementer’s. All the problems can be thought about, discussed, and planned in English. Once you have developed your plan, the actual syntax of the robot programming language has very few rules to get in your way as you become the implementer or programmer.

For individuals who do not want to program but need to have a feel for the process, Karel J. Robot is an excellent tool for providing that insight.

Table of Contents

  • The Robot World
  • Primitive Instructions and Simple Programs
  • Extending the Robot Programming Language
  • Polymorphism
  • Conditionally Executing Instructions
  • Instructions That Repeat
  • Advanced Techniques for Robots
  • Concurrent Robot Programs
  • Moving Beyond Robots to Objects
  • Input, Output, and Exception Handling
  • Safe Concurrent Programming with Robots

Book Details

Author(s): Joseph Bergin, Mark Stehlik, Jim Roberts and Richard Pattis
Format(s): HTML
Link: Read online.

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