JBoss 3.2 Workbook for Enterprise JavaBeans, 3rd Edition

JBoss 3.2 Workbook for Enterprise JavaBeans, 3rd Edition

The goal of this JBoss 3.2 workbook is to discuss vendor specific requirements and best practices and introduce tools, all in the context of building and running the example programs for O’Reilly’s Enterprise JavaBeans, 3rd edition.


Although EJB applications themselves are portable, the manner in which you install and run EJB products varies widely from one vendor to the next. For this reason it is nearly impossible to cover all the EJB products available, so we have chosen a radical but effective way to address these differences: workbooks.

Each workbook is a server-specific companion to the third edition of Richard Monson-Haefel’s best-selling and award-winning Enterprise JavaBeans (O’Reilly & Associates, 2001). It guides you step by step through the exercises called out in the third edition, explains how to build and deploy working solutions in a particular application server, and provides useful hints, tips, and warnings.

Table of Contents

  • Server Installation and Configuration
  • Exercises for Chapter 4
  • Exercises for Chapter 5
  • Exercises for Chapter 6
  • Exercises for Chapter 7
  • Exercises for Chapter 8
  • Exercises for Chapter 10
  • Exercises for Chapter 12
  • Exercises for Chapter 13

Book Details

Author(s): Bill Burke and Sacha Labourey.
Format(s): PDF
File size: 987 KB
Number of pages: 207
Link: Download.

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