JavaScript Succinctly

JavaScript Succinctly

“JavaScript Succinctly”, by Cody Lindley, is the book for you if you’re an intermediate JavaScript developer and want to solidify your understanding of the language, or if you’ve only used JavaScript beneath the mantle of libraries such as jQuery or Prototype.


This book is targeted at two types of people. The first is an advanced beginner or intermediate JavaScript developer who wishes to solidify his or her understanding of the language through an in-depth look at JavaScript objects. The second type is a JavaScript library veteran who is ready to look behind the curtain. This book is not ideal for newbies to programming, JavaScript libraries, or JavaScript itself.

Table of Contents

  • JavaScript Objects
  • Working with Objects and Properties
  • String()
  • Number()
  • Boolean()
  • Working with Primitive String, Number, and Boolean Values
  • Null
  • Undefined
  • The Head/Global Object
  • Object()
  • Function()
  • The this Keyword
  • Scope and Closures
  • Function Prototype Property
  • Array()
  • Math Function

Book Details

Author(s): Cody Lindley
Publisher: Syncfusion Inc.
Format(s): PDF, Mobi
File size: 1.05 MB
Number of pages: 143
Link: Download.

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