Java Precisely

Java Precisely

Free online book Java Precisely provides a concise reference for the Java programming language and some of its essential libraries. The book covers Java 2, versions 1.3 and 1.4. It is intended both for students learning Java and for more experienced Java programmers.


The document presents general rules (on left-hand pages), and corresponding examples (on righthand pages). All examples are fragments of legal Java programs. The complete examples are available at the book website.

Table of Contents

  • Running Java: compilation, loading, and execution 4
  • Names and reserved names 4
  • Java naming conventions 4
  • Comments and program lay-out 4
  • Types, Variables, parameters, fields, and scope
  • Strings, Arrays, Classes
  • Classes and objects in the computer
  • Expressions, Statements, Interfaces, Exceptions
  • Threads, concurrent execution, and synchronization
  • Compilation, source file names, class names, and class files
  • Packages

Book Details

Author(s): Peter Sestoft
Format(s): PDF, PostScript
File size: 413 KB
Number of pages: 68
Link: Download.

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