Java Data Structures (2nd edition)

Java Data Structures by is a free online Java book. This document was created with an intent to show people how easy Java really is, and to clear up a few things I’ve missed in the previous release of the document.


This is a growing document; as new features are added to the language, new techniques are discovered or realized, this document shall be updated to try to accommodate them all. If you have suggestions, or requests, (or spelling/grammar errors) just e-mail them, and I’ll try to add the suggested topics into the subsequent release. Because this document is changing so much, I’ve decided to implement a version number.

Table of Contents

  • Variables
  • Arrays, Array Stack, Array Queue, Array List
  • The Vector
  • Nodes
  • Linked Lists
  • Reusing Tricks
  • Trees, Generic Tree
  • Comparing Objects
  • Binary Search Trees
  • Tree Traversals
  • Node Pools, Node Pool Nodes, Node Pool Generic Trees, Node Pool Sort Trees
  • Priority Vectors
  • Sorting, Sorting JDK 1.2 Style, Sorting using Quicksort
  • Optimizing Quicksort, Radix Sort, Improving Radix Sort
  • Reading and Writing Trees (Serialization)
  • Deleting items from a Binary Search Tree
  • Determining Tree Depth
  • Advanced Linked Lists
  • Doubly Linked Lists (with Enumeration)
  • Binary Space Partition Trees (BSP)
  • Binary Space Partition Tree DEMO (Dog 3D)
  • Binary Space Partition Tree DEMO with Lighting (Dog 3D)
  • Kitchen Sink Methods
  • Java Native Interface (JNI)

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