iPhone iOS 6 Development Essentials

iPhone iOS 6 Development Essentials

Read “iPhone iOS 6 Development Essentials” online for free. How you make use of this book will depend to a large extent on whether you are new to iOS development, or have worked with iOS 5 and need to get up to speed on the features of iOS 6. Rest assured, however, that the book is intended to address both category of reader.


The aim of iPhone iOS 6 Development Essentials is to teach you the skills necessary to build your own applications for the iPhone. Beginning with the basics, this book provides an overview of the architecture of iOS 6. Introductions to Xcode and programming in Objective-C are provided followed by an in-depth look at the design of iPhone applications and user interfaces.

Table of Contents

  • The Basics of Modern Objective-C
  • An Introduction to Auto Layout in iOS 6
  • Working with iOS 6 Auto Layout Constraints in Interface Builder
  • An iPhone iOS 6 Auto Layout Example
  • Implementing iOS 6 Auto Layout Constraints in Code
  • Implementing Cross-Hierarchy Auto Layout Constraints in iOS 6
  • Understanding the iOS 6 Auto Layout Visual Format Language
  • An Overview of iOS 6 Collection View and Flow Layout
  • An iPhone iOS 6 Storyboard-based Collection View Tutorial
  • Subclassing and Extending the iOS 6 Collection View Flow Layout
  • An Overview of iOS 6 Application State Preservation and Restoration
  • Integrating Maps into iPhone iOS 6 Applications using MKMapItem
  • An Example iOS 6 iPhone MKMapItem Application
  • Integrating Twitter and Facebook into iPhone iOS 6 Applications
  • An iPhone iOS 6 Facebook Integration Tutorial using UIActivityViewController
  • iPhone iOS 6 Facebook and Twitter Integration using SLRequest
  • An iOS 6 iPhone Twitter Integration Tutorial using SLRequest
  • Making Store Purchases with the SKStoreProductViewController Class
  • Building In-App Purchasing into iPhone iOS 6 Applications
  • Preparing an iOS 6 Application for In-App Purchases
  • An iPhone iOS 6 In-App Purchase Tutorial
  • Configuring and Creating App Store Hosted Content for iOS 6 In-App Purchases

Book Details

Author(s): Neil Smyth
Publisher: Techtopia
Format(s): HTML(Online)
Link: Read online.

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