Intrusion Detection with SNORT

Intrusion Detection with SNORT

This free book explains and simplifies every aspect of deploying and managing Snort in your network. Includs custom scripts to integrate Snort with Apache, MySQL, PHP, and ACID so you can build and optimize a complete IDS solution in record time.


Network security has become an important part of corporate IT strategy and safeguarding all the nooks and crannies of your network can be timely and expensive. This book provides information about how to use free Open Source tools to build and manage an Intrusion Detection System. Rehman provides detailed information about using SNORT as an IDS and using Apache, MySQL, PHP and ACID to analyze intrusion data. The book contains custom scripts, real-life examples for SNORT, and to-the-point information about installing SNORT IDS so readers can build and run their sophisticated intrusion detection systems.SNORT is your network’s packet sniffer that monitors network traffic in real time, scrutinizing each packet closely to detect a dangerous payload or suspicious anomalies.NSS Group, a European network security testing organization, tested SNORT along with intrusion detection system (IDS) products from 15 major vendors including Cisco, Computer Associates, and Symantec. According to NSS, SNORT, which was the sole Open Source freeware product tested, clearly outperformed the proprietary products.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Intrusion Detection and Snort
  • Installing Snort and Getting Started
  • Working with Snort Rules
  • Plugins, Preprocessors and Output Modules
  • Using Snort with MySQL
  • Using ACID and SnortSnarf with Snort
  • Miscellaneous Tools

Book Details

Author(s): Rafeeq Ur Rehman
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Format(s): PDF
File size: 2.53 MB
Number of pages: 275
Link: Download.

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