Introduction to String Field Theory

Introduction to String Field Theory

“Introduction to String Field Theory” by Warren Siegel is available in several formats without charge.


String theory can be considered a particular kind of particle theory, in that its modes of excitation correspond to different particles. All these particles, which differ in spin and other quantum numbers, are related by a symmetry which reflects the properties of the string. As discussed above, quantum field theory is the most complete framework within which to study the properties of particles. Not only is this framework not yet well understood for strings, but the study of string field theory has brought attention to aspects which are not well understood even for general types of particles.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • General light cone
  • General BRST
  • General gauge theories
  • Particle
  • Classical mechanics
  • Light-cone quantum mechanics
  • BRST quantum mechanics
  • Graphs
  • Light-cone field theory
  • BRST field theory
  • Gauge-invariant interactions

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