JavaTech: Introduction to Scientific and Technical Computing with Java

Introduction to Scientific and Technical Computing with Java

This JavaTech Web Course provides an extensive array of tutorial and reference materials for the Java programming language with an emphasis on how you can apply Java to scientific and technical computing tasks.


We particularly focus on those particular features of Java, such as the big collection of networking and graphical user interface tools, that are especially beneficial to those who work in those fields.

Table of Contents

  • Part I provides an introduction to Java along with a set of supplemental information. The materials within Part I are arranged into tracks (more detail in Part I below), that cover Java basics and supplementary topics, technical computing, and physics. Tools and techniques from the new Java 5.0 version are included.
  • Part II examines networking programming and distributed computing with Java.
  • Part III focuses on how Java can interact with the local platform and with hardware such as the serial port. The last chapter looks at Java for small platforms and embedded applications, and surveys processors that implement Java directly.

Book Details

Author(s): Clark S. Lindsey, Johnny S. Tolliver, and Thomas Lindblad
Format(s): HTML
Number of pages: 726
Link: Read online.

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