Introduction to Machine Translation

Introduction to Machine Translation

“An Introduction to Machine Translation” aims to introduce the reader to the well-established core of methods and approaches in Machine Translation, and will be an invaluable test for students of computational linguistics, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and information science.


The translation of foreign language texts by computers was one of the first tasks that the pioneers of Computing and Artificial Intelligence set themselves. Machine Translation is again becoming an important field of research and development as the need for translations of technical and commercial documentation is growing well beyond the capacity of the translation profession. This is the first textbook of Machine Translation, providing a full course on both general Machine Translation systems characteristics and the computational linguistic foundations of the field. The book assumes no previous knowledge of Machine Translation and provides the basic background information to the linguistic and computational foundations of the subject.

Table of Contents

  • General introduction and brief history
  • Linguistic background
  • Computational aspects
  • Basic strategies
  • Analysis
  • Problems of transfer and interlingua
  • Generation
  • The practical use of MT systems
  • Evaluation of MT systems
  • Systran
  • SUSY
  • Météo
  • Ariane (GETA)
  • Eurotra
  • Rosetta
  • DLT
  • Some other systems and directions of research

Book Details

Author(s): W.John Hutchins and Harold L. Somers
Publisher: Academic Press
Format(s): PDF
Number of pages: 362
Link: Download.

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