Introduction to Groups, Invariants & Particles

Introduction to Groups, Invariants & Particles

Introduction to Groups, Invariants and Particles is a book for Seniors and advanced Juniors who are majoring in the Physical Sciences or Mathematics. The book places the subject matter in its historical context with discussions of Galois groups, algebraic invariants, Lie groups and differential equations, presented at a level that is not the standard fare for students majoring in the Physical Sciences.


This introduction to Group Theory, with its emphasis on Lie Groupsand their application to the study of symmetries of the fundamentalconstituents of matter, has its origin in a one-semester course that I taught atYale University for more than ten years. The course was developed forSeniors, and advanced Juniors, majoring in the Physical Sciences.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Galois Groups
  • Some Algebraic Invariants
  • Some Invariants of Physics
  • Groups − Concrete and Abstract
  • Lie’s Differential Equation, Infinitesimal Rotations, and Angular Momentum Operators
  • Lie’s Continuous Transformation Groups
  • Properties of n-Variable, r-Parameter Lie Groups
  • Matrix Representations of Groups
  • Some Lie Groups of Transformations
  • The Group Structure of Lorentz Transformations
  • Isospin
  • Groups and the Structure of Matter
  • Lie Groups and the Conservation Laws of the Physical Universe

Book Details

Author(s): Frank W K Firk
Publisher: Orange Grove Texts Plus
Format(s): PDF
File size: 832 MB
Number of pages: 181
Link: Download.

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