Introducing Ada 95

Introducing Ada 95

This free Ada online book introduces Ada 95, the revised International Standard which increases the flexibility of Ada thus making it applicable to wider domains but retains the inherent reliability for which Ada is noted.


This document contains four chapters. Chapter 1 gives the background to the development process including the capture of the requirements from the existing and future user community. Chapter 2 introduces the highlights of the language, especially the three topics mentioned above, Objected Oriented Programming, Hierarchical Libraries and Protected Objects; it is in a tutorial style. Chapter 3 gives an overview of the whole language showing how the new facilities fit into the overall framework. Finally, Chapter 4 addresses the issue of upward compatibility with Ada 83 and shows that for normal programs the goal of compatibility has been achieved. This document will be of special value to program managers, team leaders and all software professionals with concern for the organized development of software.

Table of Contents

  • Evolution of Ada 95
  • Highlights of Ada 95
  • Overview of the Ada Language
  • Upward Compatibility

Book Details

Author(s): John Barnes
Format(s): HTML
Link: Read online.

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