Intelligent Software Agents on the Internet

Free online book “Intelligent Software Agents on the Internet: An inventory of currently offered functionality in the information society and a prediction of near future developments” by Björn Hermans.


Software agents are a rapidly developing area of research. However, to many it is unclear what agents are and what they can (and maybe cannot) do. In the first part, this thesis will provide an overview of these, and many other agent-related theoretical and practical aspects. Besides that, a model is presented which will enhance and extend agents’ abilities, but will also improve the way the Internet can be used to obtain or offer information and services on it. The second part is all about trends and developments. On the basis of past and present developments of the most important, relevant and involved parties and factors, future trends and developments are extrapolated and predicted.

Table of Contents

  • Intelligent Software Agents Theory
  • Intelligent Software Agents in Practise
  • The Three Layer Model
  • Past and Current Agent Trends & Developments
  • Future and Near-Future Agent Trends & Developments
  • Concluding remarks, statement reviews and acknowledgements
  • Used Information Sources

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Author(s): Björn Hermans
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