Inside Smalltalk (Volume Two)

Inside Smalltalk (Volume Two)

This an exploration of the Smalltalk system as a powerful and efficient prototyping and development environment. In Volume Two, we describe the Smalltalk classes that provide the familiar overlapping windows, pop-up menus, and mouse interaction facility that characterize the Smalltalk user interface.


This includes details of the model-view-controller framework for the construction of user interfaces, the protocol of the existing classes, examples that use the existing classes, examples that extend them, and finally, examples that create new classes of windows.

Table of Contents

  • Window Preliminaries
  • Windows: An Overview And Basics
  • Text Windows
  • Menu Windows
  • Switch Windows
  • Pop-Up Windows
  • A Window Application

Book Details

Author(s): Wilf R. LaLonde and John R. Pugh.
Format(s): PDF
File size: 18.60 MB
Number of pages: 576
Link: Download.

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