Inside ASP.NET Web Matrix

Inside ASP.NET Web Matrix

Inside ASP.NET Web Matrix is a free ASP.NET ebook by Alex Homer and Dave Sussman. It has 3 parts: Part 1 – What is Web Matrix?, Part 2 – Putting Web Matrix to Work and Part 3 – Configuring and Extending Web Matrix.


From first impressions, you may think that Web Matrix is just a simplified development environment for building ASP.NET applications. In fact, it provides much more than this. As well as ASP.NET pages (including mobile device pages), Web Matrix can be used to create user controls and class files (for compiling into assemblies), Web service files, and even HTTP
Handlers. It also provides integrated support for creating and editing HTML pages, style sheets, XML schemas and documents, text files and SQL scripts, and .NET configuration files (such as web.config and global.asax).

Web Matrix also provides powerful wizards that automate much of the process of creating pages that handle data, pages that use output caching, and pages that use the built-in ASP.NET authentication features. It also comes complete with its own web server, and other useful addins. You can even create and install your own add-ins if you wish.

Table of Contents

  • Why Use Web Matrix Instead of Visual Studio .NET?
  • A Road Map to the Web Matrix IDE
  • Types of Files and Wizards
  • Help, Support, and Reference Information
  • The Microsoft ASP.NET Web Matrix Web Server
  • Building ASP.NET Pages
  • Master – Details Grid
  • Cached Pages
  • Building ASP.NET Web Services
  • Using Other Components
  • The Web Matrix Configuration Files
  • The Preferences Dialog
  • Creating and Modifying Document Templates
  • Installing and Using Add-ins and Code Builders
  • Customizing the Web Matrix Interface

Book Details

Author(s): Alex Homer and Dave Sussman
Format(s): PDF
File size: 1.61 MB
Number of pages: 99
Link: Download.

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