Industrial Strength C++

Industrial Strength C++

Industrial Strength C++ can be downloaded in pdf format. This book greatly expands the public domain “Ellemtel” C++ coding standard. Guidelines have been carefully selected and consisely formulated to define a C++ coding standard that should be valid and usable for almost all programmers.


Text and code examples explain each individual rule and recommendation. Adopting this book as the company C++ coding standard helps remove an obstacle when trying to be certified for ISO 9000 or CMM. The book covers naming conventions, code organization, resource management, class interface design, object-oriented programming, conversions, error handling, portability, coding style.

Table of Contents

  • Naming
  • Organizing the code
  • Comments
  • Control flow
  • Object lifecycle
  • Conversions
  • The class interface
  • new and delete
  • Static objects
  • Object-oriented programming
  • Assertions
  • Error handling
  • Parts of C++ to avoid
  • Size of executables
  • Portability

Book Details

Author(s): Mats Henricson and Erik Nyquist.
Format(s): PDF
File size: 1.71 MB
Number of pages: 244
Link: Download.

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