Hyper-V Virtualization Essentials

Hyper-V Virtualization Essentials

Free online book “Hyper-V Virtualization Essentials”. Hyper-V Essentials is an in depth technical book designed teach both IT staff and students about the implementation of virtualized environments using Hyper-V technology.


Topics covered include an overview of the Hyper-V architecture and components, Hyper-V role installation, the creation, management and migration of virtual machines, virtual networking architecture and remote access to virtual machines.

Table of Contents

  • An Overview of the Hyper-V Architecture
  • Hyper-V System Requirements
  • Installing the Hyper-V Role
  • A Tour of the Hyper-V Manager Tool
  • Understanding and Configuring Hyper-V Virtual Networks
  • Creating Hyper-V Virtual Machines
  • Configuring Hyper-V Virtual Machines
  • Creating and Configuring Hyper-V Virtual Hard Disks (VHDs)
  • The Hyper-V Virtual Machine Connection Tool
  • Creating and Managing Hyper-V Snapshots
  • Migrating Hyper-V Virtual Machines Using Import/Export
  • An Overview of Hyper-V Live Migration
  • Understanding and Installing Hyper-V Integration Services

Book Details

Author(s): Virtuatopia
Format(s): HTML
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