Humanoid Robots: New Developments

Humanoid Robots: New Developments

For many years, the human being has been trying, in all ways, to recreate the complex mechanisms that form the human body. Such task is extremely complicated and the results are not totally satisfactory. However, with increasing technological advances based on theoretical and experimental researches, man gets, in a way, to copy or to imitate some systems of the human body.


These researches not only intended to create humanoid robots, great part of them constituting autonomous systems, but also, in some way, to offer a higher knowledge of the systems that form the human body, objectifying possible applications in the technology of rehabilitation of human beings, gathering in a whole studies related not only to Robotics, but also to Biomechanics, Biomimmetics, Cybernetics, among other areas. This book presents a series of researches inspired by this ideal, carried through by various researchers worldwide, looking for to analyze and to discuss diverse subjects related to humanoid robots. The presented contributions explore aspects about robotic hands, learning, language, vision and locomotion.

Table of Contents

  • Design of Modules and Components for Humanoid Robots
  • Copycat Hand – Robot Hand Generating Imitative Behaviour at High Speed and with High Accuracy
  • Energy-Efficient Walking for Biped Robot Using Self-Excited Mechanism and Optimal Trajectory Planning
  • Geminoid: Teleoperated Android of an Existing Person
  • Obtaining Humanoid Robot Controller Using Reinforcement Learning
  • Reinforcement Learning Algorithms in Humanoid Robotics
  • A Designing of Humanoid Robot Hands in Endo Skeleton and Exoskeleton Styles
  • Assessment of the Impressions of Robot Bodily Expressions Using Electroencephalogram Measurement of Brain Activity
  • Advanced Humanoid Robot Based on the Evolutionary Inductive Self-Organizing Network
  • Balance-Keeping Control of Upright Standing in Biped Human Beings and its Application for Stability Assessment
  • Experiments on Embodied Cognition: A Bio-Inspired Approach for Robust Biped Locomotion
  • A Human Body Model for Articulated 3D Pose Tracking
  • Drum Beating and a Martial Art Bojutsu Performed by a Humanoid Robot
  • On Foveated Gaze Control and Combined Gaze and Locomotion Planning
  • Vertical Jump: Biomechanical Analysis and Simulation Study
  • Central Pattern Generators for Gait Generation in Bipedal Robots
  • Sticky Hands
  • Gait Transition from Quadrupedal to Bipedal Locomotion of an Oscillator-driven Biped Robot
  • Estimation of the Absolute Orientation of a Five-Link Walking Robot with Passive Feet
  • Teaching a Robotic Child – Machine Learning Strategies for a Humanoid Robot from Social Interactions
  • Biped Gait Generation and Control Based on Mechanical Energy Constraint
  • Dynamic Simulation of Single and Combined Trajectory Path Generation and Control of A Seven Link Biped Robot
  • Analytical Criterions for the Generation of Highly Dynamic Gaits for Humanoid Robots: Dynamic Propulsion Criterion and Dynamic Propulsion Potential
  • Design of a Humanoid Robot Eye
  • Multicriteria Optimal Humanoid Robot Motion Generation
  • An Incremental Fuzzy Algorithm for the Balance of Humanoid Robots
  • Spoken Language and Vision for Adaptive Human-Robot Cooperation
  • Collision-Free Humanoid Reaching: Past, Present and Future
  • Minimum Energy Trajectory Planning for Biped Robots
  • Real-Time Vision Based Mouth Tracking and Parameterization for a Humanoid Imitation Task
  • Clustered Regression Control of a Biped Robot Model
  • Planning Versatile Motions for Humanoid in a Complex Environment

Book Details

Author(s): Armando Carlos de Pina Filho
Publisher: I-Tech Education and Publishing
Format(s): PDF
File size: 8.54 MB
Number of pages: 582
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