Human Computer Interaction

Human Computer Interaction

Free 522 page book “Human Computer Interaction”, edited by Ioannis Pavlidis, from InTech. This book includes 23 chapters introducing basic research, advanced developments and applications.

The book covers topics such us modeling and practical realization of robotic control for different applications, researching of the problems of stability and robustness, automation in algorithm and program developments with application in speech signal processing and linguistic research, system’s applied control, computations, and control theory application in mechanics and electronics.


  • Using Zooming Applications for Mobile Devices
  • The Effects of Panel Location, Target Size, and Gender on Efficiency in Simple Direct Manipulation Tasks
  • Moving Usability Forward to the Beginning of the Software Development Process
  • Sketch-Based Interfaces for Parametric Modelling
  • Having Fun at Work: Using Augmented Reality in Work Related Tasks
  • Multi-Device Design in Contexts of Interchange and Task Migration
  • Multifinger Haptic Interfaces for Collaborative Enviroments
  • Visual Information Presentation in Continuous Control Systems using Visual Enhancements
  • Contact-free Stress Monitoring for User’s Divided Attention
  • Design Optimization of Pressure Sensing Floor for Multimodal Human-Computer Interaction
  • Improving Target Acquisitions through Utilizing Pen Pressure
  • Towards a Conceptual Framework and an Empirical Methodology in Research on Artistic Human-Computer and Human-Robot Interaction
  • Novel Multimodal Interaction for Industrial Design
  • Augmented Reality E-Commerce: How the Technology Benefits People’s Lives
  • Multi-Dimensional Force Sensor Design for Haptic Human-Computer Interaction
  • Softness Haptic Display Device for Human- Computer Interaction
  • 3D User Interfaces for Collaborative Work
  • Context-aware Mobile AR system for Personalization, Selective Sharing, and Interaction of Contents in Ubiquitous Computing Environments
  • User Experience in Digital Games
  • Iterative User Interaction Design for Wearable and Mobile Solutions to assess Cardiovascular Chronic Diseases
  • Strategic Negotiations in Tabletop

Book Details

Author(s): Ioannis Pavlidis
Publisher: InTech
Format(s): PDF
File size: 37.87 MB
Number of pages: 522
Link: Download.

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