HTTP Programming Recipes for C# Bots

HTTP Programming Recipes for C# Bots

“HTTP Programming Recipes for C# Bots”, written by Jeff Heaton, is free to read online. This book presents a collection of very reusable recipes for C# bot programming.


The Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) allows information to be exchanged between a web server and a web browser. C# allows you to program HTTP directly. HTTP programming allows you to create programs that access the web much like a human user would. These programs, which are called bots, can collect information or automate common web programming tasks.

Table of Contents

  • The Structure of HTTP Requests
  • Examining HTTP Traffic
  • Introducing the C# HTTP Classes
  • Beyond Simple Requests
  • Secure HTTP Requests
  • Extracting Data
  • Useful Classes, Methods and Functions
  • Setting Up your Database
  • HTTP Response Codes


Book Details

Author(s): Jeff Heaton
Format(s): HTML
Number of pages: 675
Link: Read online.

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