HTML Canvas Deep Dive

HTML Canvas Deep Dive

“HTML Canvas Deep Dive: A Travelogue”, by Josh Marinacci, which is complete but will continue to be updated. It is a hands on introduction to Canvas.


HTML Canvas is an amazing drawing technology built into all modern web browsers. With Canvas you can draw shapes, manipulate photos, build games, and animate virtually anything; all with proper web standards. You can even create mobile apps with it.

Code along with the book and play with interactive examples. When you finish reading this short tome you will have the skills to make charts, effects, diagrams, and games that integrate into your existing web content.

Table of Contents

  • Basic Drawing
  • Hands On: Making Charts
  • Advanced Drawing and Events
  • Animation
  • Making a Game
  • Pixel Buffers and Other Effects
  • 3D Graphics with WebGL and ThreeJS
  • WebGL Hands On with ThreeJS: 3D Car
  • Intro to WebAudio
  • WebCam Access with getUserMedia()
  • Real World Examples and Tools
  • Mobile Devices and Performance Optimization

Book Details

Author(s): Josh Marinacci
Format(s): HTML(Online)
Link: Read online.

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