High Performance Browser Networking

High Performance Browser Networking

Early release edition of “High Performance Browser Networking: What every web developer should know about networking and web performance”, by Ilya Grigorik, is available online for free on O’Reilly’s Chimera platform.


How prepared are you when it comes to building high-performance web applications? This book provides what every developer must know about networking in the browser to build faster, more responsive applications—from fundamental protocol limitations that affect performance to architecture and constraints of mobile networks and devices. By understanding how the underlying protocols work, you’ll be able to make better design decisions and deliver faster web applications to your users.

Table of Contents

  • Primer on Latency and Bandwidth
  • Building blocks of TCP
  • Building blocks of UDP
  • Transport Layer Security (TLS)
  • Introduction to Wireless Networks
  • Wi-Fi
  • Mobile Networks

Book Details

Author(s): Ilya Grigorik
Publisher: O’Reilly Media
Format(s): HTML(Online)
Link: Read online.

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