Guide to ARMLinux for Developers

This book tries to cover a range of hardware and aspects of ARMLinux. It assumes that you are at least a competent computer user, more likely an experienced developer, but perhaps not very familiar with GNU/Linux or the ARM and its development platforms.


There are many things that are specific to different items of hardware, and many things that are common across various devices. We have tried to avoid too much repetition, but we have also tried to make the text reasonably linear in the hardware chapters. This is inevitably a compromise. In general you should find that reading through the relevant hardware chapter will get you going, but will not go into much depth about why you are doing things and what other options there might be at each stage.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Embedded ARMLinux: Fundamentals
  • LART
  • Installing ARMLinux on the Assabet
  • Installing ARMLinux on the Psion 5
  • Tools and Utilities for Booting
  • Tools and Techniques
  • The GNU Toolchain
  • Linux Overview
  • The ARM Structured Alignment FAQ
  • Advanced Information
  • Sources of Help and Information
  • Feedback

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