GRE Mathematics Test Practice Book

GRE Mathematics Test Practice Book

Free GRE Mathematics Test Practice Book. This free GRE practice book contains one actual, full-length GRE Mathematics Test and test-taking strategies. You can become familiar with test structure, content, test instructions and answering procedures.


The test consists of approximately 66 multiple-choice questions drawn from courses commonly offered at the undergraduate level. Approximately 50 percent of the questions involve calculus and its applications—subject matter that can be assumed to be common to the backgrounds of almost all mathematics majors. About 25 percent of the questions in the test are in elementary algebra, linear algebra, abstract algebra, and number theory. The remaining questions deal with other areas of mathematics currently studied by undergraduates in many institutions.

Table of Contents

  • Purpose of the GRE Subject Tests
  • Development of the Subject Tests
  • Content of the Mathematics Test
  • Preparing for a Subject Test
  • Test-Taking Strategies
  • What Your Scores Mean
  • Practice Mathematics Test
  • Scoring Your Subject Test
  • Evaluating Your Performance
  • Answer Sheet

Book Details

Author(s): Educational Testing Service
Format(s): PDF
File size: 1.34 MB
Number of pages: 74
Link: Download.

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