GNU Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool

GNU Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool

The GNU autoconf, automake, and libtool “autotools” are powerful tools that simplify writing software on different platforms.


GNU Autoconf, Automake, and Libtool is a technically adept and expert guide to using these utilities effectively.

Table of Contents

  • How to run configure and make
  • Introducing `Makefile’s
  • A Minimal GNU Autotools Project
  • Writing `’
  • Introducing GNU Automake
  • Bootstrapping
  • A Small GNU Autotools Project
  • Introducing GNU Libtool
  • Using GNU Libtool with `’ and `’
  • A Large GNU Autotools Project
  • Rolling Distribution Tarballs
  • Installing and Uninstalling Configured Packages
  • Writing Portable C with GNU Autotools
  • Writing Portable C++ with GNU Autotools
  • Dynamic Loading
  • Using GNU libltdl
  • Advanced GNU Automake Usage
  • A Complex GNU Autotools Project
  • Writing Portable Bourne Shell
  • Writing New Macros for Autoconf
  • Migrating an Existing Package to GNU Autotools
  • Using GNU Autotools with Cygnus Cygwin
  • Cross Compilation with GNU Autotools

Book Details

Author(s): Gary V. Vaughan, Ben Elliston, Tom Tromey and Ian Lance Taylor
Format(s): HTML
Link: Read online.

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