Getting Started: Your Guide to Windows 8

Getting Started: Your Guide to Windows 8

“Getting Started: Your Guide to Windows 8” teaches you how to get the most out of Windows 8. It doesn’t matter if you’re already using Windows 8 or merely wondering whether you should; this manual breaks down the features in a way anyone can understand.


Back in 1991, Microsoft released their first version of Windows, a mouse-driven graphical user interface that revolutionised the way we use computers, both at home and in the workplace.
Now, in 2012, they hope to stage a new revolution with Windows 8, perhaps Microsoft’s most daring release yet. Featuring an unusual tile-based Start screen that’s optimized for touchscreen devices, Windows 8 will be available on new computers, laptops and ultrabooks, hybrid tablets and even a new range of Microsoft-branded, iPad-style tablets called Microsoft Surface.

Table of Contents

  • What You Need to Know About Windows 8
  • The Windows 8 User Interface
  • Mouse, Keyboard or Fingers?
  • Launch and Install Apps, Multitasking
  • Photos, Music and Video
  • The Windows 8 Store
  • Email, Internet, People and the Cloud
  • Tweaking Your Windows 8 Device
  • Windows 8 Security
  • Desktop Mode and Advanced Settings
  • Troubleshooting Windows 8
  • Do You Need Windows 8?

Book Details

Author(s): Christian Cawley
Format(s): PDF
File size: 1.69 MB
Number of pages: 44
Link: Download. (Password: makeuseof)

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