Fundamentals of Programming: With Object Orientated Programming

Fundamentals of Programming: With Object Orientated Programming

The complete text of “Fundamentals of Programming: With Object Orientated Programming”, written by Gary Marrer, is available online on Google Books.


This free eBook was developed to introduce the new programmer to structred programming first. Building on those structred programming topics, it then moves into program development of object orientated programs and finishes with a discussion of event driven programming.

The target audience for this book is students who have participated in some type of entry level computer training. No prior programming is considered necessay to use this book but knowledge of executing programs along with routine file maintenance operations is expected.

Table of Contents

  • Understanding Program Logic and Programming
  • Introduction to Program Logic
  • Fundamentals of Program Development
  • Control Structre Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of Modularization
  • Introduction to Arrays and Structures
  • The Basics of Files and Databases
  • Learning about Classes and Objects
  • Object Orientated Programming Continued
  • Object Orientated Programming Design
  • Fundamentals of Event Driven Programming
  • Graphical User Interface Programming Fundamentals
  • Project Start to Finish

Book Details

Author(s): Gary Marrer
Format(s): Online (Google Books)
Number of pages: 358
Link: Read online.

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