Frontiers in Robotics, Automation and Control

Frontiers in Robotics, Automation and Control

This book includes 23 chapters introducing basic research, advanced developments and applications.

The book covers topics such us modeling and practical realization of robotic control for different applications, researching of the problems of stability and robustness, automation in algorithm and program developments with application in speech signal processing and linguistic research, system’s applied control, computations, and control theory application in mechanics and electronics.


  • Evaluation of Robotic Force Control Strategies Using an Open Architecture Test Facility
  • Towards a Roadmap for Effective Handset Network Test Automation
  • Automatic Speaker Recognition by Speech Signal
  • Verification Based Model Localizes Faults from Procedural Programs
  • Neural Networks Applied to Thermal Damage Classification in Grinding Process
  • Motivation in Embodied Intelligence
  • Robot Control by Fuzzy Logic
  • Robust Underdetermined Algorithm Using Heuristic-Based Gaussian Mixture Model for Blind Source Separation
  • Pattern-driven Reuse of Behavioral Specifications in Embedded Control System Design
  • Optical Speed Measurement and Applications
  • Automatic Construction of a Knowledge System Using Text Data on the Internet
  • Adaptive GPC Structures for Temperature and Relative Humidity Control of a Nonlinear Passive Air Conditioning Unit
  • Development of a Human-Friendly Omnidirectional Wheelchair with Safety, Comfort and Operability Using a Smart Interface
  • Modeling of a Thirteen-Link 3D Biped and Planning of a Walking Optimal Cyclic Gait Using Newton-Euler Formulation
  • Robust Position Estimation of an Autonomous Mobile Robot
  • A Semantic Inference Method of Unknown Words Using Thesaurus Based on an Association Mechanism
  • Homography-Based Control of Nonholonomic Mobile Robots: a Digital Approach
  • Fault Detection with Bayesian Network
  • A Hierarchical Bayesian Hidden Markov Model for Multi-Dimensional Discrete Data
  • Development of Rough Terrain Mobile Robot Using Connected Crawler -Derivation of Sub-optimal Number of Crawler Stages
  • Automatic Generation of Appropriate Greeting Sentences Using Association System
  • Extending AI Planning to Solve more Realistic Problems
  • Network Optimization as a Controllable Dynamic Process

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Author(s): Alexander Zemliak
Publisher: InTech
Format(s): PDF
File size: 19.67 MB
Number of pages: 450
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