FreeBSD Porter’s Handbook

“FreeBSD Porter’s Handbook” is part of The FreeBSD Documentation Project.

The FreeBSD ports collection is the way almost everyone installs applications (“ports”) on FreeBSD. Like everything else about FreeBSD, it is primarily a volunteer effort. It is important to keep this in mind when reading this document. In FreeBSD, anyone may submit a new port, or volunteer to maintain an existing port if it is unmaintained–you do not need any special commit privileges to do so.


  • Introduction
  • Making a new port yourself
  • Quick Porting
  • Slow Porting
  • Configuring the Makefile
  • Special considerations
  • Advanced pkg-plist practices
  • The pkg-* files
  • Testing your port
  • Upgrading an individual port
  • Ports security
  • Dos and Don’ts
  • A Sample Makefile
  • Keeping Up

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Author(s): The FreeBSD Documentation Project
Format(s): HTML
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