Practical PHP Testing

Free PHP eBook: Practical PHP Testing

Download this free PHP eBook, “Practical PHP Testing” by Giogio Sironi. This practical testing book is aimed to php developers.


What is unit testing and why a php programmer shouldadopt it? It may seem simple, but testing is the only way to ensure your work is completed and you will not called in the middle of the night by a client whose website is going nuts. The need for quality is particularly present in the php environment, where it is very simple to deploy an interpreted script, but it is also very simple to break something: a missing semicolon in a common file can halt the entire application.

Table of Contents

  • PHPUnit usage
  • Write clever tests
  • Assertions
  • Fixtures
  • Annotations
  • Refactoring and patterns
  • Stubs
  • Mocks
  • Command line options
  • The TDD theory
  • Testing sqrt()

Book Details

Author(s): Giorgio Sironi
Format(s): PDF
File size: 445.72 KB
Number of pages: 61
Link: Download.

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