Super Awesome Advanced CakePHP Tips

Free Book: Super Awesome Advanced CakePHP Tips

Free PHP book by Matt Curry. “Super Awesome Advanced CakePHP Tips” is free e-book about the CakePHP Framework. It covers topics that are generally missed in the beginner books that are on the market. This book isn’t meant for people wanting to learn CakePHP.


This book isn’t meant for people wanting to learn CakePHP. There are already plenty of resources for that. If you’re completely new to “Cake” (that’s what we in-the-know call it) check out the section below, which outlines two paths for getting started. I will make several assumptions about you, the reader, in this e-book.

· You have built a CakePHP app before or at least are familiar with the blog tutorial.
· You want to improve your CakePHP skills. CakePHP alone does not magically make you write better code. I’ve seen plenty of shitty code in CakePHP apps.
· You understand that this book is free and I will probably mess up parts and other parts will become out of date. You will want to help me fix this by sending me an email at

Table of Contents

  • How to Learn CakePHP
  • Models
  • Custom Find Types
  • Getting the Logged In User from Anywhere
  • Automatically Tracking Created/Modified By
  • Routing
  • Unit Testing
  • Merging Add and Edit Actions
  • Cake Tricks from The Core
  • Stupid Easy URL Slugs
  • jQuery
  • Expanding Trees With jQuery
  • JavaScript In Views
  • Make Your Cake App Fast
  • The Giant Configuration, Version Control and Deployment Section
  • CakePHP Reserved Classes

Book Details

Author(s): Matt Curry
Format(s): PDF
File size: 559 KB
Number of pages: 66
Link: Download.

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