Concurrent Programming in Erlang 2nd Edition

Free PDF eBook: Concurrent Programming in Erlang 2nd Edition

The first part(Programming) of the Erlang Reference book; “Concurrent Programming in Erlang 2nd Edition” is available for free in pdf format.


Erlang is a concurrent, functional programming language designed for programming large industrial real time systems. The language is untyped and has a pattern matching syntax. Functions are written as a set of recursion equations and the language has explicit concurrency and asynchronous message passing. Written in a tutorial style, the emphasis is on learning through example and a number of well known problems in designing and programming concurrent fault-tolerant real-time systems are illstrated.New chapters on Distributed Programming, Distributed Programming Techniques and Distributed Data.

Table of Contents

  • An Erlang Tutorial
  • Sequential Programming
  • Programming with Lists
  • Programming with Tuples
  • Concurrent Programming
  • Distributed Programming
  • Error Handling
  • Programming Robust Applications
  • Miscellaneous Items

Book Details

Author(s): Joe Armstrong
Publisher: Prentice Hall PTR
Format(s): PDF
File size: 864 KB
Number of pages: 205
Link: Download.

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