Unobtrusive Ajax

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Get a free copy of O’Reilly Short Cuts eBook “Unobtrusive Ajax” by Jesse Skinner from his blog. Unobtrusive Ajax is about making web applications that work for everyone all the time, even if you have JavaScript turned off, or you’re using a mobile phone or a screen reader, or however you happen to be using the Web.


It’s about the separation of behavior (JavaScript), content (HTML), and presentation(CSS). This short cut will focus on the practical benefits of using Ajax and JavaScript unobtrusively and show you that unobtrusive web development and progressive enhancement benefit both web developers and users of the Web. You’ll get to see many simple examples of building web interfaces that are unobtrusive.

Table of Contents

  • What Is Unobtrusive Ajax?
  • Using Web Technologies Unobtrusively
  • Why Use Unobtrusive Ajax?
  • How to Use Unobtrusive Ajax
  • Examples

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Author(s): Jesse Skinner
Format(s): PDF
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Number of pages: 57
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