USRobotics Networking for Dummies

Free online book: USRobotics Networking for Dummies

Free online book “USRobotics Home Networking For Dummies” by Kathy Ivens and Clark Scheffy. We think that if you have more than one computer in your home, you should have a network. That belief has its roots in the fact that we’re generally lazy, and we believe everyone should do everything in the easiest possible manner.


If you’re sitting in bed at 2 a.m. working on your laptop on that important 8 a.m. presentation and you realize that one of the files you need is on the kitchen computer, you don’t have to leave your cozy bed and stumble downstairs — you can just grab the file from the kitchen computer across the network.

You can also take advantage of an expensive piece of equipment like a laser printer by connecting it to your network and making it available to all the computers on your network, rather than buying separate printers for each computer.

Table of Contents

  • Understanding Your Networking Options
  • Configuring Your Network
  • Sharing the Internet
  • Sharing Printers and Peripherals
  • Other Networking Techniques
  • Ten Good Reasons to Set Up a Home PC Network
  • Ten Ways to Keep Your Network Healthy

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Author(s): Kathy Ivens and Clark Scheffy
Format(s): HTML
Link: Read online.

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