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Free online book: Perl & LWP

Free online book “Perl & LWP” by Sean M. Burke. Perl & LWP includes many step-by-step examples that show how to apply the various techniques.


Programs to extract information from the web sites of BBC News, Altavista,, and the Weather Underground, to name just a few, are explained in detail, so that you understand how and why they work. Perl programmers who want to automate and mine the web can pick up this book and be immediately productive. Written by a contributor to LWP, and with a foreword by one of LWP’s creators, Perl & LWP is the authoritative guide to this powerful and popular toolkit.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction to Web Automation
  • Web Basics
  • The LWP Class Model
  • URLs
  • Forms
  • Simple HTML Processing with Regular Expressions
  • HTML Processing with Tokens
  • Tokenizing Walkthrough
  • HTML Processing with Trees
  • Modifying HTML with Trees
  • Cookies, Authentication, and Advanced Requests

Book Details

Author(s): Sean M. Burke.
Publisher: O’Reilly Media
Format(s): HTML
File size: 2.65 MB
Number of pages: 36
Link: Read online.

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