Free Online Book: My Digital Footprint

Free Online Book: My Digital Footprint

Free online book “My Digital Footprint: a two-sided digital business model where your privacy is someone else’s business!” By Tony Fish.


This is a book about footprints – digital footprints to be precise. For the most part, unlike footprints in the sand, digital footprints are largely invisible and are about where we have been, for how long, how often and the inter-relationships. Digital footprints are a capture of memories and moments and are built from your interactions with mobile, web and TV. Digital footprints are not about your identity, your passport or bank account.

Table of Contents

  • The Big Picture
  • What Are The Links Between Identity And My Digital Footprint?
  • Digital Footprints
  • Web 2.0 And Mobile Web 2.0
  • My Digital Footprint
  • My Digital Footprint And The Two-Sided Business Model
  • Rules, Law And Regulation
  • My Digital Footprint And Converged Services
  • Business Models
  • A Fairy Tale Or An Epic?
  • What Future Will We Choose?
  • Ending The Journey And The Take Away
  • Eating My Own Analysis

Book Details

Author(s): Tony Fish
Format(s): HTML
Link: Read online.

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