Let Over Lambda

Free Online Book: Let Over Lambda

Free online book “Let Over Lambda” is one of the most hardcore computer programming books out there.


Starting with the fundamentals, it describes the most advanced features of the most advanced language: Common Lisp. The point of this book is to expose you to ideas you might otherwise never be exposed to. This book is about macros, that is programs that write programs. Macros are what make lisp the greatest programming language in the world. When used properly, macros enable amazing feats of abstraction, programmer productivity, and code efficiency and security that are unheard of elsewhere. Macros let you do things you simply cannot do in other languages.

This book is about pushing the boundaries of what we know about programming. While this book teaches useful skills that can help solve your programming problems today and now, it has also been designed to be entertaining and inspiring. If you have ever wondered what lisp or even programming itself is really about, this is the book you have been looking for.

Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • Closures
  • Macro Basics
  • Read Macros
  • Programs That Program
  • Anaphoric Macros
  • Macro Efficiency Topics
  • Lisp Moving Forth Moving Lisp

Book Details

Author(s): Doug Hoyte
Format(s): HTML
Number of pages: 384
Link: Read online.

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