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Free Online Book: Learning Android

You can read “Learning Android: Building Applications for the Android Market” online for free from O’Reilly Labs Open Feedback Publishing System. If you’re new to the Android mobile operating system, Learning Android is the perfect way to master the fundamentals.


This gentle introduction shows you how to use Android’s basic building blocks to develop user interfaces, store data, and more. You’ll build an example application throughout the course of book, adding new features with each chapter. You’ll also build your own toolbox of code patterns that will help you program any type of Android application with ease.

Table of Contents

  • Android Overview
  • The Stack
  • Quick Start
  • Main Building Blocks
  • Yamba Project Overview
  • Android User Interface
  • Preferences, File System, Options Menu, and Intents
  • Services
  • Database
  • Lists and Adapters
  • Broadcast Receivers
  • Content Providers
  • System Services
  • Android Interface Definition Language
  • Native Development Kit (NDK)

Book Details

Author(s): Marko Gargenta
Format(s): HTML
Number of pages: 268
Link: Read online.

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