Learn Python The Hard Way

Free online book: Learn Python The Hard Way

“Learn Python The Hard Way, 2nd Edition” by Zed Shaw is free to read online. This is a very beginner book for people who want to learn to code.


This simple book is meant to get you started in programming. The title says it’s the hard way to learn to write code; but it’s actually not. It’s only the “hard” way because it’s the way people used to teach things. With the help of this book, you will do the incredibly simple things that all programmers need to do to learn a language: Go through each exercise, type in each sample exactly and make it run.

That’s it. This will be very difficult at first, but stick with it. If you go through this book, and do each exercise for one or two hours a night, you will have a good foundation for moving onto another book. You might not really learn “programming” from this book, but you will learn the foundation skills you need to start learning the language.

This book’s job is to teach you the three most essential skills that a beginning programmer needs to know: Reading and Writing, Attention to Detail, Spotting Differences.The 2nd Edition features 5 new exercises, fixes and updates to nearly every exercise, and three of the new exercises teach you to create a simple web application as the final part of the book.

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Author(s): Zed A. Shaw
Format(s): HTML
Link: Read online.

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