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Free Online Book: Learn Prolog Now!

“Learn Prolog Now!”, written by Patrick Blackburn, Johan Bos, and Kristina Striegnitz, is an introductory course to programming in Prolog. The online version has been available since 2001, and now there is also a throughly revised version available in book form.


Learn Prolog Now! is a practical introduction to this fascinating language. Freely available as a web-book since 2002 Learn Prolog Now! has became one of the most popular introductions to the Prolog programming language, an introduction prized for its clarity and down-to-earth approach. It is widely used as a textbook at university departments around the world, and even more widely used for self study.

Table of Contents

  • Facts, Rules, and Queries
  • Unification and Proof Search
  • Recursion
  • Lists
  • Arithmetic
  • More Lists
  • Definite Clause Grammars
  • More Definite Clause Grammars
  • A Closer Look at Terms
  • Cuts and Negation
  • Database Manipulation and Collecting Solutions
  • Working With Files

Book Details

Author(s): Patrick Blackburn, Johan Bos, and Kristina Striegnitz.
Publisher: College Publications
Format(s): HTML
Number of pages: 284
Link: Read online.

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