Free Online Book: Kindle Fire Development Essentials

Free Online Book: Kindle Fire Development Essentials

“Kindle Fire Development Essentials” from Techotopia is available online for free. The Kindle Fire is the latest addition to’s Kindle family of devices.


Unlike previous Kindle models, however, the Kindle Fire is the first device from Amazon to move beyond ebook reading and provide a full tablet experience with a multitouch color screen and the ability to watch movies, read books and magazines, play music and install applications from the Amazon App Store. This book will cover the development of applications for the Kindle Fire.

Table of Contents

  • An Overview and History of the Kindle Fire
  • Setting Up a Kindle Fire Android Development Environment
  • Creating a Kindle Fire Android Virtual Device (AVD)
  • Creating an Example Kindle Fire Android Application
  • Testing Android Applications on a Physical Kindle Fire Device
  • An Overview of the Kindle Fire Android Architecture
  • The Anatomy of an Android Application
  • Understanding Android Application and Activity Lifecycles
  • Handling Android Activity State Changes
  • Android Activity State Changes – An Example Application
  • Saving and Restoring the User Interface State of an Android Activity
  • Understanding Android Views, View Groups and Layouts
  • Designing an Android User Interface using the Graphical Layout Tool
  • Creating an Android User Interface in Java Code
  • An Overview and Example of Android Event Handling
  • Android Touch and Multi-touch Event Handling
  • Android Gesture and Pinch Recognition on the Kindle Fire
  • An Overview of Android Intents
  • Android Explicit Intents – A Worked Example
  • Android Implicit Intents – A Worked Example
  • Android Broadcast Intents and Broadcast Receivers
  • A Basic Overview of Android Threads and Thread handlers
  • An Overview of Android Started and Bound Services
  • Implementing an Android Started Service – A Worked Example
  • Android Local Bound Services – A Worked Example
  • Android Remote Bound Services – A Worked Example

Book Details

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