Java Fundamentals

Free online book: Java Fundamentals

Free online book “Java Fundamentals: A entry level textbook on the Java programming language” by Gary Marrer.


In this eBook, we will actually develop three different kinds of Java programs. We will start by creating what’s called a console application. This console application is executed from the Windows (or Linux or Apple, or Palm or etc.) command line or what is more commonly called the DOS prompt. This application is one which will look very crude and unsophisticated as compared to what we’re used to seeing in a Windows, Macintosh or Linux environment. The next type of application which will develop is one that was more familiar with.

Table of Contents

  • History of Java
  • What makes Java, Java
  • Design Tools (Modeling Program Logic)
  • Program Documentation
  • Identifiers: Variables and Constants
  • Structured Programming
  • Using Repetition Structures
  • Arrays 101
  • Introduction to Object Orientated Programming
  • Inheritance Expanded
  • AWT versus Swing Packages
  • Arrays Revisited
  • Adding data persistence to programs

Book Details

Author(s): Gary Marrer
Format(s): HTML
Link: Currently not available.

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