Free Online Book: iPhone 3D Programming

Free Online Book: iPhone 3D Programming

You can read “iPhone 3D Programming” online from O’Reilly Labs Open Feedback Publishing System. Do you have a great idea for a graphics-intensive iPhone or iPad application, but don’t know how to bring it to life? This book offers the perfect solution: a crash course on the OpenGL graphics library with an overview of iPhone 3D development.


This book is not an OpenGL manual, but it does teach many basic OpenGL concepts as a means to an end: namely, 3D graphics programming on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Much of the book is written in a tutorial style, and I encourage you to download the sample code and play with it. Readers don’t need a graphics background, nor do they need any experience with the iPhone SDK. A sound understanding of C++ is required; fluency in Objective C is useful but not necessary.

Table of Contents

  • Quick Start Guide
  • Math and Metaphors
  • Vertices and Touch Points
  • Adding Depth and Realism
  • Textures and Image Capture
  • Blending and Augmented Reality
  • Sprites and Text
  • Advanced Lighting and Texturing
  • Optimizing

Book Details

Author(s): Philip Rideout
Format(s): HTML
Number of pages: 448
Link: Read online.

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